Uniform Policy

At Collegiate Baton Rouge we believe that students should dress in a way that is comfortable, that reflects their team as well as their individuality, and that represents the pride they hold for themselves. Uniform policies help to prepare students to prioritize academics and not appearance. That said, as kids prepare for college, where they can wear what they like, we believe that having some choice is important. Our uniform policy is as follows:


Collegiate Baton Rouge Uniform Requirements


  • Backpacks must be clear or mesh only.


  • Any official Collegiate Baton Rouge shirt 
  • A student must wear a Collegiate Baton Rouge uniform shirt, even if they are wearing outerwear on top of it


  • Any color chino (khaki) pants, any color jeans, or the CBR plaid pants (plaid pants may be purchased at Fashion Era)
  • Pants must have no rips
  • Pants must be worn at the waist or higher [note: the “waist” will be defined at the school’s discretion]
  • No belt is required, but pants must be worn at the waist (no visible underwear)
  • Pants that are made of spandex, lycra, or other tight, stretching material are not permitted, even if they are designed to look like jeans or other varieties of pants
  • NOT ALLOWED: shorts; skirts; nylon track pants; any other pants that are not jeans, khakis, or CBR plaid pants


  • Any closed toe, closed heel shoe except for high heeled shoes. Shoes must have hard rubber soles and be intended for wear outside of the home. 
  • Any designs must be school-appropriate (no inappropriate language or representations).
  • NOT ALLOWED: heels; slippers; Crocs or Croc-like shoes

Permitted Outerwear includes:

  • Any CBR outerwear
  • Any other sweatshirt/jacket/sweater that does not have any:
    • Foul language
    • Gang signs, references to violence, sexual content, references to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, or any other content deemed inappropriate for school (this will be judged at the school’s discretion) 
  • Outerwear with hoods will not be permitted inside of the building.


  • Students are allowed to wear headbands or headwraps.
  • CBR  branded hats are allowed as long as students’ ears are visible.
  • NOT ALLOWED: Any other hats,  bandanas; any headband or scarf with bandana paisley print may not be worn or carried on campus; bonnets, and durags


  • Socks, jewelry, shoes, and all other items of clothing or accessories must be school appropriate
  • “School appropriate” will be defined at the school’s discretion
  • Items of clothing or accessories deemed inappropriate may be confiscated until the end of the day