Uniform Policy

All students must come to school in the CBR uniform every day. We have a required school uniform for several very important reasons:

  1. Uniforms reduce distractions and clothing competition. A student spending time discussing and evaluating what others are wearing can distract from focus on learning. Wearing uniforms eliminates this distraction.
  2. Uniforms unite us as a community. When you look at a group of students in the school uniform, it is a powerful visual statement of our community. Students make a commitment when they put on the CBR uniform to live up to the school’s high expectations.
  3. Uniforms look professional. Students look neat when they arrive to school with shirts tucked into their pants. The students come mentally prepared for school and “dressed for work.” A required dress code or uniform is common in the adult workplace and the careers our students will one day pursue.
  4. Uniforms help make us all equal.  No one feels embarrassed or uncomfortable about their clothes.

Collegiate Baton Rouge 2019-20 Uniform Requirements


·       Navy or Gray Polo with Collegiate Baton Rouge logo (must be purchased from uniform shop Fashion Era)
·       White Oxford Shirt with Collegiate Baton Rouge logo (must be purchased from uniform shop Fashion Era)
·       Juniors only: light blue Oxford Shirt with Collegiate Baton Rouge logo (must be purchased from uniform shop Fashion Era)
·       Polo shirts and Oxfords must be worn and tucked in at all times.
·       Honor roll polos will be issued to students who earn the distinction of Honor Roll. Honor Roll polos may be worn any day of the week once earned, and may only be worn by the individual who earned it. These polos are not available for purchase.
·       FRIDAYS ONLY: On Fridays students may wear any Collegiate t-shirt or a college t-shirt. Shirts must be worn tucked in.

·       NOT ALLOWED: Rips or writing on polo or Oxford shirts.
·       NOT ALLOWED: Rips or writing on t-shirts


·       Students can wear official CBR sweatshirts that can be purchased at Fashion Era.
·       Students can also wear college-specific sweatshirts or jackets.
·       Other outerwear options are available for purchase from Fashion Era.  Any official CBR jacket or sweatshirt may be worn as outerwear while on campus.
·       Students are not allowed to wear any other outerwear items inside the school building. Students will be asked to remove any non-CBR or non-college outerwear at the door during arrival.
·       No hoods or hats may be worn inside the school building.

·       Collegiate Baton Rouge applies a “logo on top” rule, meaning that the CBR logo or a college sweatshirt  or jacket must be what’s “on top” of the school uniform. Any non-CBR/college apparel must be worn under CBR or college apparel.


·       Undershirts are not required; however, students may choose to wear undershirts of any color.
·       Prints or designs may not be visible on undershirts


Students have 3 options for school uniform pants:
Properly fitted full length KHAKI PANTS  or NAVY PANTS with belt loops. Small coin pockets and cell phone pockets are allowed. Pants that flare at the bottom are also allowed.
·       NOT ALLOWED: Pants that are made of jean, stretch, or corduroy material but are khaki or navy in color.
·       NOT ALLOWED: Pants with “cargo” pockets on the side.
·       NOT ALLOWED: Stitching that is defining in a different color on the outside of pockets or on the seams.
·       NOT ALLOWED: Capri pants or shorts
·       NOT ALLOWED: Pants that are sagging and not worn at the waist.
·       NOT ALLOWED: Any rips or writing on the pants.

CBR-approved blue plaid pants available for purchase at Fashion Era.
·       NOT ALLOWED: Other colors of plaid.
·       NOT ALLOWED: Plaid pants purchased anywhere other than Fashion Era.
·       NOT ALLOWED: Any rips or writing on the pants.


·       REQUIRED with pants: Belt of any color


·       Socks are not required; however, students may wear socks of any color. 
·       Socks may NOT be worn over pants.
·       Any patterns on socks must be school appropriate (no inappropriate language or representations).


·       Shoes must be closed toe and closed back.
·       Any designs must be school-appropriate (no inappropriate language or representations).

·       NOT ALLOWED: heels
·       NOT ALLOWED: slippers


·       Students are allowed to wear headbands or headwraps.

·       NOT ALLOWED: Bandanas. Any headband or scarf with bandana paisley print may not be worn or carried on campus.
·       NOT ALLOWED: Bonnets, do-rags, or sleepwear
·       NOT ALLOWED: Hats or caps