Our Principal: Samantha Johnson

About Ms. Samantha Johnson

Years in education: 10
Alma mater: Stanford University
Favorite class in high school: English

Leadership Superpower: Sam’s belief in ALL kids. Her mindsets are incredibly strong about what we can and must do to meet the needs of all learners.


Sam can be reached at sjohnson@collegiateacademies.org or by calling our front office at (225) 892-6962.


"As a CBR founding teammate, I had the privilege of seeing our school grow from one trailer with our founding ninth graders, to a new building serving an entire high school community. In May 2021 those amazingly resilient founders graduated in the midst of a pandemic. The courage and excellence that our founders exhibited encapsulates why I am so excited to lead at CBR. Our students have truly limitless potential, and my team is passionate about all kids accomplishing their goals while building strong relationships. I believe in the power of the high school experience and its ability to change life trajectories for the better. I choose to lead at CA because all means ALL, and nowhere else do we chase goals with such joy, empathy and love of feedback." Samantha Johnson

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