Our Principal: Kelsey Lambrecht

Who is Kelsey Lambrecht?

Kelsey Lambrecht is the founding School Leader for Collegiate Baton Rouge (CBR). She has worked in education for over 10 years.


When asked what her Leadership Superpower is, Kelsey says she is strong in prioritization and getting things done. She is comfortable with challenges and constantly seeks excellence in everything she does. As a school leader, she is known for her unrelenting standards. 


As a former special education teacher and Director of Intervention, Kelsey helped to found several special programs that serve students with disabilities at Collegiate Academies. These include Essentials Skills, a high school program for students with significant intellectual disabilities, and Opportunities Academy, a school for students aged 18-21 with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. Opportunities Academies focuses on ensuring rigorous outcomes for all learners. As a school leader with a background in special education, Kelsey works to ensure all students have what they need to achieve their most rigorous post-secondary opportunity.  

Education & Recognition

For her work in the classroom, Kelsey was selected as a finalist for the Teach for America Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching and was named to the Honor Roll for TNTPs Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice. Kelsey earned a Master’s in Special Education in Significant Disabilities from the University of New Orleans. Kelsey was also selected as Collegiate Academies' first ever Teacher Feature! 


Kelsey can be reached at klambrecht@collegiateacademies.org or by calling our front office at (225) 892-6962.

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