Mission & Values


Collegiate Baton Rouge’s classrooms intentionally prepare students for college and equip them with the tools to deepen their understanding of the world. This increases young people’s abilities to eventually lead the world. Our mission is our North Star in the work that we do: it guides our decisions, our actions, and what we celebrate.

The mission of Collegiate Baton Rouge is to empower all students to graduate from college and change the world as learners and leaders.


We have 6 core values at Collegiate Baton Rouge that guide our actions and work. Our core values help us choose actions that lead us to the vision. They shape daily life at our school.

  • Excellence: We never settle for less than our best.
  • Empathy: We seek to understand others and show it.
  • Community: We care about each other’s success; we work together to achieve our goals.
  • Courage: We do what’s hard in order to do what’s right.
  • Optimism: We believe in each other and ourselves; we expect the best for our future and work to achieve it.
  • Responsibility: We look to ourselves to create the opportunities we want.